Thu 23 September 2021

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The Association (MWNWA) represents and supports all Neighbourhood Watches in Mid-Warwickshire.

Neighbourhood Watch is recognised as the largest voluntary organisation in the country, consisting of everyday people who wish to play their part in the fight against crime and disorder, and in helping their community, particularly the more vulnerable amongst us. Neighbourhood Watch is organised locally by local people. Each group is lead by one of their number, who agrees to co-ordinate the group (usually referred to as a ‘scheme’), and to accept messages from the Police and circulate them to members.

If you are not already a member of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme and would like to play a simple but important part in making your area a safer and even more pleasant place in which to live......

Reg Smith (Chairman) Tel: 01926 428996,
Kate Evans (Secretary) Tel: 01926 740033,
Peter Bailey (Treasurer) Tel: 01926 424650.